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Commercial & Fashion

Jodha Bai Retreat has already attracted a number of commercial photo shoots.

We welcome professional and semi professional photographers to book an opportunity to conduct your next photo shoot in what must be one of the most iconic and unique residences in the county.


This purposefully built property was inspired, designed and built around the original 450-year-old Jodha Bai Palace in Fatepur Sikri, India, parts of which are almost an exact replica.

The main residence and two bungalows have been constructed with over 300 tonnes of hand carved Indian Red sandstone, handmade joinery and extensive furnishing meticulously handpicked and imported from India


There are 360 degree magnificent views of the Gold Coast, Coolangatta, Tweed Estuary, Hinterland, Cougal Ranges, Mount Warning, Tweed River and south to kingscliffe and Pottsville.


We have internal and external powder rooms that can be utilised by the photographer and crew, we also have areas available for changing, makeup and wardrobe.
As this is a family residence and B&B Retreat our stipulation is that photo shoots must be done in good taste.

Photoshoot Packages


2 hours external only - $500

3 hours internal & external - $1,500

8 Hours internal & external - $3000

Discounts may be applied for 3 and 8 hour shoots by amateur photographers, ask us for a coupon



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